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per year
  • Access to web platform & mobile app (PWA)
  • Unlimited monthly active users
  • Library of 100+ sustainability challenges
  • Fully customisable sustainability content
  • Activity feeds, teams, leaderboards & profiles
  • Activity & content-based notifications for users
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  • If you are interested in additional features, full integration into your organisation's existing digital platform or apps, or other software customisations, please get in touch to schedule a discovery call and we can then provide you with a customised quote.

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If you are a community organisation or non-profit, we offer tiered pricing to cater to your needs and budget. Get in touch here to learn more.

Common Questions

How do we get started launching One Small Step?

After your organisation signs up to one of the subscriptions above, you'll nominate one or several people to be platform administrators. They get special invitation links and can start inviting new members, importing sustainability challenges, creating custom challenges and do what's called 'seeding the platform', so you have an active group of users already when people start to join up. For each subscription level we provide you with 4 weeks of dedicated onboarding support to walk you through this process and make it pain free, simple, fast and easy.

How do we get our people to sign up and start using One Small Step?

As part of your subscription we provide you with campaign and messaging templates you can adapt to save you time with launching and promoting the tool across your organisation. You also get a dedicated invite link and QR code just for your organisation so people can sign up easily. They then receive a welcome email along with a Start Here dashboard that walks them through creating their profile, joining their first challenge and joining a team.

Is there any flexibility on your pricing and features?

Yes. Especially if you are a small non-profit or community organisation with a limited budget. It's important to us to support your endeavours to have a meaningful and measurable impact on carbon emission reductions and the environment. While we can't give you the tool for free (otherwise we'll go out of business!), we can make adjustments to the feature set offered to provide you with a subscription that hopefully suits your needs and budget.

What happens if we encounter a performance issue or bug?

Part of your subscription's terms and conditions, in the services agreement, includes a guarantee that any bugs or performance issues (e.g. slow loading times), should they arise, will be fixed promptly to minimise any disruption to your users' enjoyment of the platform. We monitor the platform constantly and proactively run quality assurance and bug checks regularly, so it is unlikely you'll encounter any. But in the event that you do, you can email us to let us know and we have dedicated software developers on hand to correct any issues immediately.

What does One Small Step do to ensure data security?

We use a system called multi-tenant architecture to keep all your organisation's data secure and separate from other customers' data. Your organisation's data and your users' data are stored securely by One Small Step using Google Cloud servers in the US and will never be sold or used by us except to provide you with the Services outlined in your subscription. We abide by the Australian Privacy Principles and we have worked with universities and other organisations to meet rigorous privacy and security protocols to enable their procurement of One Small Step's software.

How do we tell if One Small Step is driving environmental outcomes?

As part of your subscription, your nominated admins will receive real-time reports on engagement metrics and trends, a breakdown of sustainability activities completed by your users to date, total signups and a summary of user activities week to week. You'll also be able to see your organisation's activity feed and the total eco points attained, broken down by sustainability category.

Making Sustainability Fun: Engaging Your Stakeholders with Gamification

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