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A mobile app with tailored programs to help you cut your carbon footprint. We use behavioural science to make green living simple, easy and fun.  


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Take control of your environmental impact

What’s contributing to your carbon footprint? With the One Small Step app, you’ll gain clarity on the impact of the food that you eat, the stuff you buy, the way you travel & the energy you use to power your home.

Get a personalised sustainability roadmap

Based on your lifestyle situation, One Small Step recommends the highest impact actions you can take to reduce your emissions down to the United Nation's 2050 goal of 2 tonnes per year. 

Tailored & impactful actions

Instead of feeling overwhelmed with information, One Small Step curates easy & achievable
step-by-step programs. You’ll
get trusted recommendations on sustainable products & services so you can easily make the switch.

Build eco-friendly habits & track your impact 

Set weekly goals so you can build sustainable lifestyle habits like riding your bike instead of driving, using a reusable coffee cup, and eating a vegan meal.

Celebrate & track your progress

Tick off actions as you go & get rewarded! Track the environmental impact you have, alongside our broader community’s impact, so you can see how our actions really make a difference.  

So far, our community has saved


kg of CO2e

What our members are saying

Take One Small Step today

Download the app & join over 10,000 Australians who are committed to reducing their environmental impact


I’ve always found it hard to start the conversation about sustainability with my family, but starting this experience with a quiz and doing this together was actually really fun! Having simple, easy-to-follow steps with all the info after is helping us all work towards becoming better global citizens.

—  KIM F

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