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Build decarbonisation and environmental sustainability into your organisation's DNA.

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  • Customisable programs

    Tailor sustainability initiatives to fit your organisation’s needs or create your own using tried and tested behaviour change templates for maximum engagement.

  • Build a low carbon culture

    Provide personalised content, step-by-step guides, and automated engagement touchpoints to foster deep interest, action and literacy in environmental sustainability and decarbonisation in your people.

  • Gamified engagement

    Boost participation with gamified features like live activity feeds, user profiles, user photo uploads, badges, leaderboards, and eco points to motivate and reward users.

  • Real-time metrics

    Monitor your progress with an organisational dashboard that provides real-time sustainability metrics, ensuring transparent and measurable impact.

  • Seamless integration

    Easily integrate One Small Step with your existing internal communication tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack, and support fast sign-up with Single Sign-On.

  • Comprehensive challenges

    Access an extensive library of over 100 sustainability challenges covering waste, energy, transport, food, water, purchases, climate resilience, water and more.

Launch immediately with our massive content library

Choose from our large and proven library of climate action challenges, all designed with real-world impact front of mind.

Whether you're hoping to run a campaign to plant a vegetable garden or switch away from high-emissions investments, One Small Step makes every step easy, with achievable, practical guidance and the best quality of information.  

One Small Step's platform is intuitive, comprehensive and social.

Software that places you at the centre

Taking the big steps can seem overwhelming - solving that problem is at the core of our existence. And it shows.

Unlike other platforms or programs, we have placed solutions to this at the centre of our design which is intuitive, easily-navigable and customisable to your organisation's specific needs.

If you have existing sustainability programs or policies, or in-house resources that you want to house in our social platform, you can do this off-the-shelf. If you want to develop something new with us? Get in touch - it's all at your fingertips.

We have worked to make sure that all types of people and organisations are well-served, and have built a software environment that can cater to your organisation's specific location, culture and decarbonisation priorities.

We do it for you

Spending all day managing environmental outcomes probably isn't something you have the luxury of - you've got work to do after all. That's why we've built a system to remove the day-to-day burdens of maintaining engagement and motivation in your community.  

Ongoing engagement and support are always required to grow consistent, deep interest, action and literacy in environmental sustainability and decarbonisation.

Fortunately, you can save these countless hours for your staff with our automatically generated, gamified and systematised internal communications and engagement mechanisms.

Run intra-office competitions with minimal set up. The software offers team and individual leaderboards, with participants earning eco points and gaining levels as they complete more sustainability challenges.

Just sign up and away you go.

"Mass behaviour change is absolutely critical if we’re going to avert the climate crisis. People acting collectively is a necessary part of the solution and it’s been really under-addressed."

Lily Dempster - One Small Step CEO

Behavioural Science Expertise

The past decades have seen massive leaps in digital technology and behavioural science - which are not always paired positively. We at One Small Step are committed to positive and ethical applications of these lessons, and through our platform, you can easily benefit from our expertise and drive real engagement and action.

This expertise is visible not only in the content and structure of our 100+ sustainability programs, but in the design of the platform itself. Gamified features are geared to maximise results, with the inclusion of live activity feeds, badges, shareable personal profiles and behavioural modelling through user-generated content and photo uploads.

Seamless Integrations

We know you and your people don't have time to spend learning new systems or navigating around cumbersome online environments. That's why we are ready to go by pairing with your existing structures straight out-of-the-box.

Whether you use Slack or Microsoft Teams, One Small Step can integrate all of the software's comms and notifications through your existing networks from the start.

From the option to fully customise all branding with your organisation's logos and colour scheme to using Single Sign-On with your existing email and authentication portals - One Small Step is designed to be as easy as possible for you to roll out to your staff, members, or residents today.

"While I had been thinking about it purely from a financial angle, Lily’s background in behavioural science was tackling the problem as a way to shift people “One Small Step” at a time. Working with Lily has been great — everyone who meets Lily quickly realises that she’s the person we need to be leading this effort."

Bryan Rollins, Ex GM of Jira at Atlassian

More Features

Customise everything
  • Import pre-built challenges in 1 click
  • Customise all sustainability content & links
  • Use your own branding with white labelling
Announcements & Events features
  • Your own Announcements panel
  • Your own Sustainability Events page
  • Integration with your Events platform
Photos of sustainability achievements
  • User can upload photos of their prgress
  • Make photo uploading optional or required
  • Photos appear on user profiles & activity feeds

From Policy to Practice: Engaging Employees in Sustainability Initiatives

Get access to this exclusive One Small Step report with accompanying worksheet that breaks down how to transition from sustainability policy and climate strategy to practical implementation with actionable, engaging programs and a blueprint to support employee engagement and participation.

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