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Hi, I’m Lily Dempster, climate technology founder, environmental advocate and proud parent to one baby boy with another on the way.

I’m also the creator of an award-winning digital platform that helps your organisation cut carbon pollution and your people drive environmental sustainability - both at work and at home.

With One Small Step you're going to discover how easy it is to take positive action to help the environment when given practical parameters and step-by-step expert guidance. I guarantee you'll be relieved to rise beyond the tired political debates and see your people taking responsible and real-world action.

The best news of all is that positive actions are socially infectious, so with our easy-to-use framework you can quickly switch from despair to the satisfaction that all of your actions are contributing to the better world we can all imagine but often struggle to reach.

We're already working with groups around the world and can adapt to fit in perfectly with your organisation's own needs.

Excited to share this with you!

Access One Small Step's ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️-rated sustainable behaviour change software
honed through 8+ years of empirical experiments.

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Growing Food

The Demand for Change

Our purchasing decisions have a powerful influence over corporate behaviour. We can harness this to drive companies' rapid decarbonisation.
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Carbon Methodology

Our carbon accounting system is a work in progress. Learn about our methodology for your carbon footprint assessment and our estimated carbon savings from One Small Step programs here.
Grow the Movement
Knowledge Base Article

Community Guidelines

Learn about One Small Step Community's Goals and Community Guidelines.

Our Mission

Use technology and behavioural science to support organisations and communities to rapidly decarbonise and to learn the skills and practices to live and work sustainably, in line with the United Nation's 2050 goal of reducing every person's annual carbon footprint to 2 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) or below.

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Operating from Canberra, Australia & Budapest, Hungary

Gamifying Sustainability: Boost Engagement with Fun, Peer Effects and Friendly Competition

Get our free step-by-step playbook to learn how to gamify environmental sustainability
and decarbonisation practices in your organisation.

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