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On Yer Bike! A guide to pedalling your way to a healthier world

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Bicycle Network illustration of woman riding a bike

Did you know that cars are responsible for roughly half of Australia’s greenhouse gas pollution from transport? Every 10km round trip you take on a bike rather than a car saves around 2kg of CO2 emissions. Over time that really adds up!

The benefits of cycling go far beyond emissions savings. Opting to bike rather than drive saves tonnes on petrol money and often gets you where you need to go faster when you factor in traffic and parking. Plus cycling makes you fit and has proven mental health benefits like improved mood and concentration.

Quick bike maintenance tip: know your ABCQs

Make every ride safer by doing your basic ABCQ bike check before you set off. One Small Step's On Yer Bike course is packed with great tips for bike maintenance, cleaning and servicing so that your bike (and you!) keep in tip top shape.

A = Air (check the air in your tires)

B = Brakes (check front and rear brakes)

C = Chain (check for seizing, slipping or rusting)

Q = Quick release (check any quick release levers are in the locked position)

What to expect from the On Yer Bike course

One Small Step offers a completely free, step-by-step guide designed to blast away barriers so you can choose your bike over your car keys more often! This course has been designed in collaboration with Bicycle Network - Australia’s biggest bike riding organisation. It steps you through simple tasks from bike maintenance to cycling skills and planning your ride to help set you up to cycle more often. Here’s what On Yer Bike! Will take you through:

  1. Get some wheels! - If you don’t already own a bike, the process of finding your perfect fit can be quite daunting. We’ve got you covered with the different types of bikes you’ll find at the store and the best stores in your local area.

  2. Bike accessories and care - once you’ve got your bike, it’s time to kit it out with everything you’ll need for a safe, legal and comfortable ride (padded shorts optional!) We take you through the ABCQ’s, how to do your ‘M’ check, some cleaning basics and tips on how often you should take your bike for a service.

  3. Brush up those skills - while you may never forget how to ride a bike, it can take a while to build up your confidence to get back on the road after a hiatus. There are some road rules and signalling basics to get acquainted with to make every ride safer.

  4. Keep learning and exploring - cycling offers so much potential for growth and learning! Discover new great bike rides, join riding groups and keep up to date with the latest bike news in your city by joining Bicycle Network. By signing up you’ll be supporting their advocacy events to make Australia more bike-friendly.

  5. Map it out - Ready to do the weekly shop or commute to work? There are a few things to consider for your first proper ride. We help you make it as seamless and fun as possible by doing a bit of planning and tracking!

  6. Pre-check prep - check the weather, sort out your gear, do your safety checks and get your tracker going so you can revel in your own pedal power.

  7. Ride, baby ride! - take the pedal to the pavement and remember to have fun! Not only are you giving your body and mind a workout, you’re doing your bit for the planet!

Join One Small Step for more great courses

One Small Step’s mission is to help millions of people achieve net zero emissions so that together we can create a healthier future for our planet. You can download the app for free today to start cutting your personal emissions and track your impact as you do it. You’ll be joining tens of thousands of others taking small steps towards a better world.

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Don't have One Small Step yet? Download it for free today!

One Small Step helps you every step of the way to living a more environmentally-healthy life. When you download the app, you’ll receive a personalised roadmap that is tailored to you and the way you live your life to help you reduce your carbon impact.

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