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How we vet recommended companies in One Small Step

We set a very high bar. We only recommend companies in the app that materially support our users to reduce their carbon emissions and lessen their negative environmental impact. This is a big part of why One Small Step members trust our recommendations.

Partner Vetting Criteria

Financial Report


More than marginal impact

The product or service in question must provide a demonstrated & verifiable positive environmental impact that is significant (i.e. it is not just offering a marginal improvement to a high-emissions or resource-intensive product or service).


Real emission reductions

The product or service in question must materially support its customers to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Green Crops
Basket and Wild Flowers


Only the essentials

The product or service in question must present a market-leading ecologically sustainable alternative to an essential consumer good or service.


Circular economy design

If offering a physical product, the product has a life cycle consistent with circular economy principles, and is designed for durability and not subject to planned obsolescence.

Domestic Waste Bin
Man Signing


Verified credentials

The company in question must have independently verified environmental sustainability credentials (e.g. policies, values and operations that are fully aligned with best practice ecological sustainability and net zero emissions, verified through B Corp certification or other forms of valid certification or independent assessment).


Affordable with great service

The product or service in question must have competitive and not exorbitant pricing, ideally saving users money. And it must have a customer service experience and performance as good as or better than other non-sustainable alternatives.

Saving coins
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