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What does One Small Step offer?

One Small Step materially supports your organisation’s decarbonisation and environmental sustainability efforts. 


One Small Step is an award-winning, 5-star rated behavioural science web and mobile platform. It helps your people lower carbon emissions and save up to $5000 each a year by adopting green behaviours at work and at home.


It allows you to:

  • Embed environmental sustainability into your culture and operations, supporting your staff to adopt carbon emissions-reducing, pro-environmental practices in a way that benefits their health and morale, and helps them save money.

  • Access an in-depth content library of over 100 sustainability challenges, step-by-step guides and campaigns for employees both in the office and working from home, covering waste, energy, transport, food, water, purchases and climate resilience.

  • Customise the sustainability programs and behaviour change initiatives offered to your employees, using One Small Step’s tried and tested behaviour change templates, or creating your own, ensuring sustainability initiatives enjoy high rates of engagement.

  • Save countless hours for your staff working on sustainability engagement and internal climate initiatives by generating and systematising much of the communication and engagement efforts required to grow consistent, deep interest, action and literacy in environmental sustainability and decarbonisation.

  • Run intra-office competitions with minimal set up. The software offers team and individual leaderboards, with participants earning eco points and jumping up levels as they complete more sustainability challenges.

  • Benefit from the software’s in-built behavioural science approach, with gamified features like live activity feeds, badges, shareable employee profiles, an organisational dashboard with real-time sustainability metrics, events and announcements features and the option to require or request photo uploads for completed sustainability challenges to increase social proof, positive reinforcement and momentum.

  • Integrate with your existing internal comms channels, like Microsoft Teams or Slack, whitelabel the platform to replace all branding with your own company's branding, and set up Single Sign On with company emails to support fast & easy sign up and authentication. 

The platform itself is orders of magnitude better than current alternatives in terms of an engaging user interface with personalisation of content, gamification and automated, customisable engagement touchpoints. 


Here is a presentation on One Small Step and what it offers:

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