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4 reasons why rooftop solar is the way to go in Australia

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Aerial view of homes with rooftop solar

Electricity is currently the number one source of Australia’s emissions, accounting for around one third of the national total.

Fossil fuels contribute up to 80% of the national grid’s power. By installing more high performing solar systems, we’ll be able to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and support the growing renewable energy industry in Australia.

The pro Go Solar course, available via One Small Step, breaks down the process of installing solar panels into achievable bite-size pieces. We’ve done tonnes of research, and curated the most straightforward, economic and carbon-friendly options into this all-in-one course.

So why is it the way to go?

  1. Lower emissions - Join the 1 in 5 Australian with a solar set-up! By installing solar panels you will slash 40% from your household’s emissions. If you go for a system with battery storage, you’ll have a potential emission reduction of up to 95%!

  2. Reduced bills - For the vast majority of households, installing solar will significantly lower your electricity bill. There are many variables affecting the time your system takes to pay for itself (called the ‘payback period’) but undoubtedly it will. Solar is a low-risk investment that will make your bill at worst more manageable and at best – miniscule. Usually the payback period is somewhere between 2 and 8 years, depending on initial outlay and your energy consumption habits.

  3. It adds value to your home - A quality solar system will raise the value of your property. Even if you don’t intend to live in your current home for the duration of your solar system’s lifetime – usually 25-30 years – there are still decent fiscal gains to be made. The average residential system increases the retail value of an Australian home by about $30,000!

  4. Subsidies and Rebates - Though once prohibitively expensive, solar system and installation prices have fallen dramatically in recent years. At the same time, vast improvements have been made in the efficiency of the technology. There are also government rebates available that can drastically reduce the overall cost. We provide links to all government subsidies and up to date information on rebates and incentives available now in Australia.

Illustration of brown home with rooftop solar

Ok so we’ve established that solar power is great for both the planet and your back pocket, here is a sneak peak of the rest of the Go Solar course on One Small Step:

  1. Why solar? - Delve deeper into the perks of solar power, learn how to assess the suitability of your home so you can talk to your installers like a pro, and get a brief education into how residential solar works. We also explain the grid-connected solar photovoltaic (PV) system, what feed-in tariffs are and how to estimate the amount you might receive, a brief rundown on batteries and how to access solar leasing and loans

  2. Choose a solar system - learn the difference between installers, brokers and retailers, how to compare quotes and go through your contract with a fine-toothed comb to avoid any nasty surprises down the road.

  3. Installation and optimisation - ensure your system delivers peak performance and maximum financial savings for the duration of its lifetime. We’ll keep you informed about servicing and inspections, how to troubleshoot problems, choose a competitive electricity retailer for your new set up, adjust your own energy use behaviour and stay up to date on the latest trends and technology in solar power.

One Small Step’s mission is to help millions of people achieve net zero emissions so that together we can create a healthier future for our planet. You can download the app for free today to start cutting your personal emissions and track your impact as you do it. You’ll be joining tens of thousands of others taking small steps towards a better world.


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