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Growth Marketer

Job Type: Permanent, full-time 

Location: Melbourne preferred but remote also possible

Start Date: As soon as possible

Salary: $80,000-$100,000 full-time with Employee Share Options.

Applications closed Sunday 11 July, 2021. 


Note that we’re currently trialing a company-wide 4-day work week, with full-time pay and leave entitlements.

About One Small Step

One Small Step is a profit-for-purpose climate tech startup based in Melbourne. Our mission is to use behavioural science to help millions of people reduce their carbon footprints and adopt an environmentally sustainable lifestyle.


To keep global warming under 2 degrees, we know people with high personal carbon footprints must make changes to their diets, modes of transport and energy, and reduce their overall resource consumption. Our direct-to-consumer mobile application uses behavioural science to help solve this problem.


The One Small Step app is like a fitness-style environmental sustainability coach, making it easy and rewarding for users to rapidly reduce their carbon footprints through lifestyle changes.


The app has already been featured by Apple as its App of the Day, with 20,000 downloads, low user acquisition costs and competitive retention. We have an ambitious vision to build a global user base as big as FitBit’s with a commensurate impact on global carbon emissions.


Our focus now is on rapidly scaling our active user base, using evidence-based lean experiments across our entire funnel to deliver real value to our users, with a planned launch in the US by the end of this year. Our revenue comes from a combination of Premium subscriptions for a paid version of the app and affiliate fees from low-carbon businesses.


Backed by prominent Australian impact investors, One Small Step is at an exciting post-seed stage where we now have the resources, capability, support, and product quality to achieve something truly ground-breaking.

About the job

We are seeking an exceptionally talented Growth Marketer to help us systematise and massively scale our active user growth, firstly in Australia and then internationally.


This job will give you an opportunity to do purpose-driven work with a big focus on what is truly effective and impactful. By joining our team now at this early stage, you will help shape the direction and culture of One Small Step as we grow.


This position offers an unparalleled opportunity to help drive One Small Step’s success and ultimate environmental impact. You will report directly to One Small Step’s CEO. Your key responsibility will be to develop and execute a full-funnel marketing strategy that increases our active user base to 45,000 in 12 months.


This job provides an opportunity for accelerated career growth, with the expectation that after your first year working to scale our active user base, you would build and run the Growth Marketing Team as One Small Step expands internationally.

What you'll do

  • Develop & execute a full-funnel marketing strategy that grows our active users to 45,000 in 12 months

  • Optimise our user acquisition systems, digital advertising and data-driven marketing activities, with the goals of significantly increasing our new user acquisitions, user referral rate and organic user growth

  • Oversee our marketing budget, while ensuring cost per user acquisition stays low

  • Develop and execute creative and innovative campaigns across multiple channels including Google Play Store and Apple App Store ads, SEO and SEM, email campaigns, media and social channels to increase our monthly new user acquisition and active users (with collaboration/support from the team on copywriting, content production and visual assets) 

  • Manage remarketing campaigns to existing users (e.g. email campaigns, bottom of funnel digital ads, push notification experiments) to drive engagement and product usage

  • Run digital marketing & digital advertising

  • Work cross-functionally with our Product Team to run marketing experiments that increase conversion rates at each stage of our user funnel (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referrals, Revenue)

  • Cultivate a culture of data-reliance to generate continuous improvements to key performance metrics

  • Review analytics and data regularly, tweaking channel mix, creative, offers etc and optimising and adjusting where required to ensure you are delivering on the above objectives

  • As the business grows, you’ll be responsible for recruiting marketing talent and managing these hires and/or outsourced marketing resources

What we're looking for

​Note that the expertise and professional experience listed below are not as important as your general character, intelligence, and ability to learn on the job. If you don’t meet all the criteria, we still strongly encourage you to apply.

  • At least 2 years’ running digital advertising and digital marketing across multiple channels (eDM, social, digital ads, SEO/SEM, app store ads, brand partnerships, influencer marketing) 

  • At least 2 year’s experience running conversion funnel campaigns for a digital product

  • You have a demonstrated track record using Pirate Metrics, conversion funnels and lean experimentation to grow a digital audience, user base or customer base

  • You’ve worked previously as a Growth Hacker, Growth Marketer, Digital Marketer or as an Acquisition Lead

  • At least 2 years working in marketing analytics, product analytics or other forms of data analysis that use funnels, event tracking and A/B testing

  • You are comfortable both conceiving of and then executing marketing strategies across multiple acquisition channels to drive down acquisition costs while driving up new user volume

  • You know how to set up and refine ad audiences and campaigns to target and retain high value users

  • You have a deep understanding of and practical experience with data-driven experimentation to drive commercial value

  • You are experienced evaluating & meeting standard user acquisition KPIs (CPA, ARPU, conversion rate, etc.)

  • You can do both big picture decision-making & strategy (e.g. creating our marketing plan and funnel conversion strategies) and then rapid day-to-day task completion to execute your strategies (e.g. analysing marketing data, setting up and running experiments, drafting user surveys or campaign emails)

  • You are a confident copywriter and can write ad and email copy and running message testing experiments

  • Great project management skills and the ability to coordinate teams to execute your strategy

  • You have run social media marketing and content marketing campaigns

  • You are interested in and passionate about environmental sustainability

  • You flourish within the operational and financial constraints of an early-stage startup. This means: You have a bias towards rapid execution to achieve validated learning, and you work as lean as possible. 

  • You are frugal and you have the judgment and decision-making skills to ruthlessly prioritise activities that provide the highest return on investment, relative to the effort/time/resources you put into them, in order to quickly reach or exceed key performance metrics.

Ideal but not essential:

  • Experience working on direct-to-consumer mobile applications

  • A track record acquiring users for a mobile application (effective acquisition strategies for DTC mobile tend to differ substantially from both B2B acquisition pipelines and web products)

  • You are familiar with and have used Mixpanel analytics, or a similar third-party product analytics tool like KISS, Heap or Amplitude to run your conversion funnel campaigns

  • A strong understanding of user experience design, human centred-design and/or customer service design

  • You understand how to build engaged and passionate digital communities

  • You have a background in animation, live action film, film editing or videography

  • An in-depth understanding of environmental sustainability practices

About our team

We have a tight-knit Melbourne-based team, comprising our Founder & CEO, Lead Developer, Product Designer and Content Producer.


We predominantly work remotely with some in-person meetings and strategy retreats throughout the year. Our team is collaborative, outcome-focused, ambitious and evidence-based, while being supportive and encouraging of one another.


We are intentionally building an organisational culture that is sustainable long-term for our employees.


We are using empirical strategies to nurture amazing work performance and intelligent productivity, and to provide intellectual challenge, and accelerated professional development while actively supporting a rich and healthy lifestyle for every team member.

How to apply

Email with your C.V. and a max. 1-page cover letter that outlines how you meet the skills and experience criteria listed above.


We will review applications on a first-come-first-serve basis and then ask applicants who pass the initial stage to complete an online work sample exercise.


For applicants who get through that stage, we’ll take you through an interview process and conduct reference checks for shortlisted candidates.


We’d ideally need a candidate who can start as soon as possible, so if you need to give a current employer a fixed period of notice, please flag that in your application.

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