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Empower your people to reduce carbon emissions
and actively drive the sustainability revolution.

Integrating Sustainability into Daily Operations: Best Practices

Access our Blueprint on the 6 steps to seamlessly integrate environmental sustainability into your daily business operations.

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Trusted by businesses, governments and NGOs across the globe.

Go further, together

Fully-customisable user and team profiles integrate with your own gamified points systems and community feed. All designed to foster change in a way that's rewarding and infectious. Best of all, One Small Step works to ensure that sustainability programs and campaigns match your culture and environment.

"I love the detailed research and information I’m given on why we need to change our habits and exactly how much of an impact we can make if we do."
Courtney Percy - Victoria, Australia

Drive changes with a real world impact

A typical user can reduce their carbon emissions by 56%, while saving up to $5000 a year by making simple, sustainable lifestyle changes.

“The layout of the app is simple and effective with amazing tips on how to improve our actions and impact on the environment.”
Shanae Milne - NSW Central Coast, Australia

Massive sustainability challenges library

Access an in-depth content library of over 100 sustainability challenges and step-by-step guides, for employees both in the office and working from home, covering waste, energy, transport, food, water, purchases and climate resilience.

“Climate action must be taken by everyone. One Small Step makes it easy to make behavioural & lifestyle changes with bite-sized info & simple 2-15 min activities.”
Darryl Johnson - Melbourne, Australia

The solution to sustainability engagement for your organisation.

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Drive environmental sustainability and employee engagement at your company with ready-made, fully customisable gamified sustainability initiatives for both in-office and remote workers.

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Empower your campus community to drive decarbonisation and help meet your university's ambitious net zero targets with our comprehensive engagement platform for both staff & students.

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Mobilise your local residents to support your city or state's net zero strategy by adopting targeted environmental practices and measurably engaging in your local sustainability initiatives.

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The Demand for Change

Our purchasing decisions have a powerful influence over corporate behaviour. We can harness this to drive companies' rapid decarbonisation.
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Carbon Methodology

Our carbon accounting system is a work in progress. Learn about our methodology for your carbon footprint assessment and our estimated carbon savings from One Small Step programs here.
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Our Community's Goal

Bottom-up, viral behavioural change through local communities is an immensely important part of decarbonising our society in the timeframe needed to prevent runaway global warming.

From Policy to Practice: Engaging Employees in Sustainability Initiatives

Get access to this exclusive One Small Step report with accompanying worksheet that breaks down how to transition from sustainability policy and climate strategy to practical implementation with actionable, engaging programs and a blueprint to support employee engagement and participation.

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