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You can now sort your actions in One Small Step by how much money they save you

We've just made a major upgrade to the One Small Step app based on your feedback!

You can now easily and quickly sort your recommended actions by:

  1. how much money they'll save you;

  2. their relative carbon impact;

  3. their popularity with other users; and

  4. the time they'll take you to complete.

With "My Plan" you can now see super clearly exactly what you still need to do to reach zero emissions, including how much you can achieve with lifestyle changes versus offsetting.

Plus, you can now also easily add and remove actions based on your changing circumstances through the 'Edit' feature.

We've also updated "Take Action" - so you can find Habits and Courses easily there, sort them by sustainability category, and quickly jump straight back into actions you have in progress from that screen.

Lastly, it's really easy for you to update your carbon profile when your circumstances change. This has been a feature in the app for a while, but we've made it easier for you to find and update this now, with a quick link to it at the top of "My Plan".

Check out the demo video where I walk you through all of these changes and where to find them in the updated version of the app:

Thanks for reading!

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