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We've got big news 🌏

Updated: May 21, 2021

In a few short months, we’ve had 8000 downloads, been featured by Apple as their App of the Day and helped thousands of Australians reduce their carbon footprints. One Small Step users have saved 620,000 kilos of greenhouse gases, about the same as planting 10,000 trees. But this is a drop in the bucket compared to what’s coming. 

Our purpose is to support you and millions of others to get their personal carbon emissions down to the United Nations’ 2050 goal of 2 tonnes of CO2e per year

To achieve this, we've set ourselves the ultimate goal of growing our community to the same number of active users as FitBit. For reference, that's about 28 million users. Even if these users only get part-way through our programs, reducing their annual footprints by 6 tonnes on average, we'd be able to achieve the same carbon impact as closing down 40 coal-fired power stations[1].

It's ambitious. But, we think we can do it.

That's why today, we're introducing a One Small Step Premium Membership. Getting in early as a Premium member means you’ll help rapidly scale our environmental impact and unlock features to help you, and millions of others, become a Sustainability Pro.

What are the new features?

Green habits, impact forecasts & Pro programs

Introducing 'Habits'

‘Habits’ makes it easy and achievable for you to build positive environmental behaviours into your daily life, like riding your bike instead of driving, and eating a vegan meal. We know that it can be tricky to make certain habits stick, so this tool helps you to:

🏆 set your own weekly goals or go with our recommended defaults

📈 see your forecast impact for each of your habits; and 

🔔 customise your own reminders to prompt yourself to take action during the week.

The app also provides a bit of coaching along the way, helping you adjust your weekly targets to build momentum until you’ve mastered a habit. 

Track 1 for Free, Track All on Pro

Users of the free app can access ‘Habits’ too, but Premium members get unlimited access to all habits and can track multiple habits simultaneously.

Unlimited access to Pro programs

As a Premium member, you get unlimited access to the full library of sustainability programs. All the current programs will still be available in the free version of the app though, with many more free programs to come.  Currently, there are two brand new Pro programs: 🏠  A worm farm for any space - Helps you to set up an award-winning worm farm you can keep indoors. 👕  Green your laundry - A super quick, high impact program that helps you to reduce energy consumption from washing and drying your laundry. 


The roadmap ahead

This is just the start! Soon, we’ll be adding:

💰 Special deals and discounts from ethical green businesses that give Pro users discounts on energy, waste, and carbon reduction tools. 

📈 An improved progression system for all users that allows you to do multiple programs at once, with much clearer displays to help you understand your progress, your carbon footprint breakdown, and your personal sustainability roadmap.

👑 Premium gamified features like streaks, badges, and mini-competitions so that you can harness your motivation and get your friends involved too.


What your Premium Membership will help us do

Getting in early as a Premium member means you can provide material support to help ensure we achieve our goal.

Specifically, subscription income will contribute to:

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Reaching more people - Through marketing, we’ll be able to get more users on board (we can sign up roughly 2 additional users a month for every $5 payment).

🌏 Adding better programs - We’ll get more resources in the team to grow our library of sustainability programs more quickly. 

🌟 Improving and adding better features - Using data-driven insights, we’ll be able to build the most effective tools to support users to make pro-environmental changes.


Want to support us by becoming a Premium Member?


$4.99/month. First 7 days free. Enjoy unlimited access to the 'Habits' tool, and our Pro programs.

Recurring monthly payment. Cancel any time.

Open this link on your phone:



$59.99/year. First 7 days free. Enjoy unlimited access to the 'Habits' tool, and our Pro programs.

Recurring monthly payment. Cancel any time.

Open this link on your phone:


Lifetime Membership

$229.99 A one-off, set and forget payment to get full access to all the app’s current & future Pro Features and programs, forever. We think this is great value and will be the highest impact option if you’re keen to support our work.

Open this link on your phone:


Want to try it out first?

You get a 7-day free trial when you sign up for a Monthly or Annual subscription. And don't worry, you can cancel anytime! You can also check out the habit tool in the free app before deciding to subscribe. Open these links on your phone:


Finally, a huge thank you to all of you who have already shown your support by downloading the app, sharing it with your friends, and sending us your feedback. Not everyone can afford a subscription at the moment and that’s completely understandable and okay. Just by being a part of this, and working hard to reduce your impact on the environment, you are making a difference.

P.S. Our Terms of Service have now been updated! We have added new terms relating to Premium Subscriptions. You can check these changes out by heading to our Terms & Conditions page here. P.P.S. If you open any of the links above on your phone and can't see the subscriptions screen or the new Habits tool, make sure you've updated to the latest version of the app.


Reference: This '40 coal fired power stations' indicative figure takes the average per capita carbon emissions footprint of 18 tonnes as a baseline, and assumes that 28 million users (the same number of active users as FitBit in Dec 2018) are able to reduce their personal annual carbon footprints by 6 tonnes each on average. This emissions saving, multiplied by the number of active users, equals 168 million tonnes of CO2e. Based on the US Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator, this is equivalent to the emissions produced by 43.2 U.S. coal-fired power stations annually.



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