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Kickstart your 2022

Welcome to the new year!

We hit some pretty big milestones last year, our community grew to over 30,000 people, we made One Small Step completely free for everyone and we are now available for the first time outside of Australia (hello to all our new members in America!)

In the spirit of starting fresh we’ve launched a brand new course that helps you totally revamp your kitchen habits.

Most store bought cleaning products contain chemicals and fragrances that don’t get filtered out in water treatment facilities. When they make it to our waterways and oceans, they promote bacteria growth that severely impacts reproduction rates of animals in the ecosystem.

On top of this, the plastics that these products are made of or stored in can end up as microplastics, ingested by sea life, and then back on to our plates. Over a decade, the average person would consume ~2.5kg of plastic, about the same as two sizable plastic pipes.

The far reaching impact of these products can be greatly reduced with a few simple changes! So, if you’re stuck in a never ending cycle of replacing paper towels, utensils, cleaning products & cookware, Green my kitchen will help you slow down and keep a more sustainable, natural, plastic and chemical free kitchen - all with things that you can find around the home.

Try out the new course by scanning the QR code below!

Available today! Stay tuned, we have more courses coming soon. Let us know what you’d like to see next.


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