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Green your home: free app and digital programs coming in May

Many of us get a wellbeing boost from gardening, growing food, cycling, caring for our possessions, consuming mindfully, cooking for our loved ones, and sharing our good will and resources with members of our community.  That’s why we're creating a free home sustainability program to help you feel a sense of joy, progress and connection – both offline, with those in your household, and online with your other loved ones, alongside a community of individuals who are taking steps to care for each other and our environment in this trying time.  The program will be delivered through our sustainable living mobile app, which I am happy to announce will be free and available to download on iOS and Android from 6 May.

Your at-home sustainability program

On 11 May, we’ll be running a free 6-week home sustainability program filled with fun weekly activities you can complete with everyone in your household. You’ll learn sustainability skills that are great for resilience and be coached on daily and weekly practices that’ll help you save money, save food and reduce your impact on the environment. Some of the things we'll tackle together include:

  • how to grow veggies from food scraps

  • preserving food (through pickling and vegetable stocks) to reduce food waste

  • mending and sewing clothing

  • home energy hacks to reduce your bills; and 

  • decluttering your spaces to make your home environment lovely and relaxing. 

When you join the program, you’ll get access to:

  • step-by-step animated guides

  • how-to videos

  • highlights and blooper reels from community members practicing new sustainability skills at home

  • personalised impact statistics

  • community impact statistics, and more. 

Connecting with your community We’ll be inviting thousands of Australians to participate in the program together for six weeks, with a new challenge each week. We'll be sharing our results (our triumphs and failures!), supporting each other, focusing on what we can control, and capturing how big an impact we can have when we act together.

Let us know what you'd like to see We’d love to hear from you about what you’d like to see included in our upcoming at-home sustainability program and future programs. Select your favourite activities in this link and we’ll make sure we cover the topics with the most votes.

We hope that the programs and tools we offer during this time will bring you some joy, an opportunity to feel a sense of achievement and progress towards a bigger goal, and a way to connect online with each other whilst we stay at home. 


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