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Climate investing for the little guy - new course out now

🚨New program alert!🚨

I'm so excited to announce our brand new 💸Climate Investing program🌏 available & free for you to access today in the Australian version of the One Small Step app.

If you're interested, it explains how to invest some of your money with the aim of generating long-term returns & passive income for yourself, while supporting initiatives decarbonizing the planet.

In the Climate Investing 101 program, we walk you through:

  • 🕵️‍♂️ What climate investing is;

  • 🌿 the funds in Australia that are currently doing it;

  • 🔑 how to get started;

  • ⚖️ what it costs and what the benefits are to you; and

  • 🤓 give you resources to help decide if this is right for you.

🌻 Meet Bloom Impact Investing 🌻

We’re so proud to be partnering with female-led and female-founded Bloom Impact for this program. Bloom is an amazing new investment fund in Australia. And it’s the only one we know of that is specifically focused on climate investments, not just general impact investing.

In Camille Socquet-Clerc, the CEO & Founder of Bloom’s own words:

🏄🏽‍♀️ Ready to dive straight in? 🏊🏾

If you’re already sold on climate investing and want to jump straight in, then you can sign up with Bloom today by downloading their mobile app.

The minimum investment to get started is $500 for individuals. Account fees are $4.50 a month and they take 0.8% annually.

And make sure you use the code ONE to support One Small Step and to get a $9 credit into your account - equivalent to 2 months of no account fees. We are a tiny team of two people, offering everything in the One Small Step app completely for free. So if you are keen on climate investing and also want to support our work at One Small Step and ensure it continues, please be sure to use the ONE promo code when signing up. We get a small commission from Bloom when you do. We wouldn't be partnering with them if we didn't think they were the absolute best option on climate investing in Australia right now, because of their clear and explicit focus on climate action.

Open these links on your phone to go straight to the Bloom app:

For Apple iPhone users: For Android users:

Note that if you jump into the Climate Investing program in One Small Step, we've also provided you with alternative options to Bloom so you can be fully informed and make an informed choice - you can read through our recommendations on alternative impact investing funds whose portfolios also cover some climate investments in the course.

What if I can't afford it?

Obviously climate investing isn’t for everyone. Not everyone has disposable income they can afford to put into investing right now. If this is you, that's completely okay and understandable. Please don’t put pressure on yourself to do this unless it really makes sense for you financially and is something you're excited about.

We have plenty of other free programs in the app that have a high environmental impact for you, that also help you save money now as part of your journey towards net zero emissions. In fact, I’m excited to share that we’ll be adding financial info to habits and courses in the app, to make it clearer at a glance which actions involve up-front costs but long-term savings, and which green activities save you the most money now.

If you’re on the fence about whether climate investing is right for you, take a look at the full Climate Investing course in the app. There are some really great links and resources that walk you through why investing can be a useful way to generate passive income in general (especially during times of high inflation, like uhh right now), what impact investing funds do, how climate investing is a new niche within this, and the risks and potential returns involved. For those with some income they want to save or invest, then it is pretty cheap to get started (compared to some investment funds where minimum investments are thousands or tens of thousands of dollars): a $500 minimum investment and very low account fees. It’s a bit like salary sacrificing to add to your super fund, except with Bloom, you get a lot more bang for your buck by supporting a climate-focused fund investing in emissions-reducing projects and ventures.

Disclaimer: We recommend you definitely seek independent financial advice when considering investments, and we want to make it clear that nothing in this post or in the Climate Investing course itself in the app is intended to constitute financial advice. That said, there are lots of really helpful third-party independent resources in the course that we've linked to that will guide you through this decision-making process.

How to access the course

If you’re viewing this on your computer or iPad, you can check out Climate Investing 101 in the One Small Step app (it's completely free) by scanning this QR code with your phone:

OR, if you’re viewing this post on your mobile, just tap the button below to open the program!

Thanks so much for reading and let us know what you’d like to see next. Also, if you’re a sustainability expert in a particular field, and you’re interested in volunteering with One Small Step to help us write new excellent programs for One Small Step members, please get in touch by emailing us at!

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