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4 ways to compost food scraps

Got some outdoor space that you want to put to good use? Composting is a fantastic, compact and easy-to-maintain way to recycle your food scraps. And it's also a great way to reduce the carbon impact of your food!

During composting, bacteria (or friendly worms) eat the materials that would ordinarily create methane gas, effectively eliminating emissions. They also turn your waste into superfood that helps plants grow.

Composting returns valuable nutrients to the soil and helps soil retain moisture, which also reduces water usage. It's really is a win win!

The composting options

  1. Compost bins: Traditional, above ground compost bins can break down all types of organic waste, including food, paper, cardboard & garden materials - making them perfect options for households with a lot of food or garden waste. Rich compost can then be harvested from the bottom every 6 - 12 months.

  2. Tumbling composters: These work a little faster than traditional compost bins, yielding rich compost in 3-6 months. They sit off the ground and have a hand crank which allows you to easily and regularly rotate your food waste.

  3. Solar composters: work similarly to compost bins, but are partially dug into the ground. They capture heat from the sun which aerates the compost automatically, meaning you don’t need to turn it!

  4. Worm farms: require a bit more maintenance, and unlike regular compost bins can only process fruit and vegetable scraps (excluding citrus, onion, garlic & chilli). The upside is that they can continually process food waste quickly, meaning that you can keep adding scraps to the top and keep taking fresh compost out the bottom! If you can keep your worms moist, and at a steady temperature, and out of direct sunlight then they’ll have a long and happy life.

Our Outdoor Composting course in the One Small Step app is your crash course in composting and worm farming. The good news: It’s very easy and you can track your carbon savings as you do it!

Discover where to buy or how to build a system that's right for you and learn about how composting works from start to finish - from what you can and can’t compost, how long it takes, and how to reuse your compost after you’ve collected it.

Once you know the ins and outs, make it a habit - and start tracking the impact every time you add to your compost bin or worm farm.

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