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How to delete your data

If you have downloaded the "One Small Step: Climate Action" app on the Google Playstore, or via the iTunes app store, and created an account,  or provided your email when signing up to our mailing list, then you can have all your data deleted by emailing

At One Small Step App (also trading as The Neighbourhood Effect Pty Ltd) we take all reasonable steps to ensure that any personal information of yours that we collect through the normal course of providing services and products to you, is secure, accurate and up to date. We do not provide your data to third parties, except where this is absolutely necessary in order to provide you with the services and products we offer. You can learn about our respect of your privacy and how we treat your data by viewing our privacy policy, which you can find here:

The right to be forgotten: You can email with a request to delete all your personal information and any data that identifies you and we will do so, including unsubscribing you from any and all mailing lists and removing your personal information from our analytics system and user records.

Request deletion of your data


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