Step it up! Programs have
gotten a whole new look

Our small steps matter

Our small everyday actions, compounding over time, can make a huge difference to climate change and environmental sustainability.


Whilst making small changes doesn't require a lot of brain power, we tend to overthink things and worry that they won't actually contribute to helping the big picture.


That’s why we created One Small Step: a social enterprise that uses technology and behavioural science to make it easy and rewarding for people to successfully adopt greener habits. 

You're more powerful than you realise

​When you make a small change, it usually won’t feel like much as an individual. But if you look at the actions of the whole group, rather than viewing your own actions in isolation, it becomes clear that by acting together, our impact can be very big and very rapid.

We don’t need top-down government policies and regulations in order for a majority of us to start practicing environmentally sustainable behaviours. 

It is within my power, and within yours, to focus on what we can control with regard to the climate crisis.

Our behaviour has a flow-on effect and will influence others to do the same. And even better, we can start making a lot of these changes right now.

What to test

Once you've opened the app, here's what to do:

  • Go to the ‘Browse’ tab and switch programs

  • Press on the ‘Challenge’ icon.

  • Press on the ‘Step’ cards to see the new designs and go through the content. We’d love it if you could repeat this for each challenge in a program, and if you’re up for it, test out other programs too!

We'd love to hear your thoughts!

Once you’ve tried out the new screens, fill out the survey below. We’ll look to integrate your feedback into our future app updates

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